CP6467 - Pull Type - Trunnion Mount

CP6467 - Pull Type - Trunnion Mount
This cylinder operates on the pull rather than push principle of other cylinders.
It has a built in trunnion mounted in needle roller bearings for direct mounting to the balance bar, virtually identical to CP6465 family
General Information:
- Centre Valve configuration, helps to improve cylinder performance and seal durability.
- For use with ABS and high pressure applications.
- Aluminium Alloy body.

- Optional 'Knock Back' system available.

- Extra Short travel to cut-off standard.
- Low profile inlet and outlet.
- Special "plug in" inlet connection can be swaged directly to -4 hose..
- Use with CP5520-2, 3, or -4 Trunnion type balance bar or purpose designed pedal box.
- Choice of 9 bore sizes. 
- Rubber boots fitted as standard.

Weight0.24 to 0.28Kg
0.53 to 0.61lbs
Full Stroke25.4mm (1.00")
Travel To Cut-OffExtra Short
0.48mm to 0.63mm
0.19" to 0.25"
Inlet Hydraulic ThreadsM10x1.0
Outlet Hydraulic ThreadsM10x1.0
Push Rod ThreadPRME - M8x1.25
Inlet - Special Fittings- 75° type - CP6465-10
- Straight type - CP6465-11
- 90° type - CP6465-12
Bore SizesPart Numbers
14.9mm (.587")CP6467-149PRME
16.2mm (.638")CP6467-162PRME
17.3mm (.681")CP6467-173PRME
18.8mm (.740")CP6467-188PRME
20.2mm (.834")CP6467-202PRME
21.2mm (.834")CP6467-212PRME
21.8mm (.858")CP6467-218PRME
23.7mm (.933")CP6467-237PRME
25.4mm (1.00")CP6467-254PRME
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- Customer Installation Drawing